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We work to make 3D printing a viable solution to microfluidic manufacturing, whether for the prototype researcher or the mass manufacturer.

Core Values

Acrea 3D Leadership

Anna Bickham - CEO Acrea 3D
Anna Bickham
Chairman - CEO
Russell Judd Chairman of Acrea 3D
Russell Judd
Dr. Greg Nordin Chairman of Acrea 3D
Greg Nordin
Dr. Adam Wooley Chairman of Acrea 3D
Adam Woolley

Have a Project in Mind?

Let us help you make your vision a reality. We have experts ready to get you started on your micro-feature designs

What We Do

We design, manufacture, and sell 3D Printers for Microfluidics and other Micro Applications. With printers capable of printing down to 15μm features, we are capable of printing truly microfluidic devices. Because many are not in a position to print devices for themselves, we offer device fabrication services.

We are dedicated to helping our customers with their applications. As many are new to Microfluidics and 3D Printing, we create tutorials and training videos and are available for questions and live assistance to help.

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