CV002 Compression Pump


A 3D printed microfluidic compression pump with side ports

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CV002 is a 3D printed compression pump (also known as a displacement pump). It has 1 input 1 output port and 3 pneumatic control inputs printed on the side of the device for top-down imaging. It is made up of a DC (similar to a valve) placed between two valves. By opening the input valve the DC can open to take in fluid, and then by closing the input valve and opening the output valve the DC can close to push fluid out.

Examples of applications using microfluidic pumps are listed below.

Each of the dimensional specs of the design are based on a 7.6μm pixel pitch design The actual size of the features will be affected by exposure and print settings.


  • Flow Control
  • Single Phase Microfluidics
  • Fluid Resistance
Valve Diameter

150 μm, 230 μm, 300 μm

DC Diameter

150 μm, 230 μm, 300 μm

IO Channel Cross Section

30 μm x 30 μm, 38 μm x 40 μm, 46 μm x 50 μm, 53 μm x 50 μm

Resin - Ink - Material


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