SO001 Helical Channel


A 3D printed microfluidic helical channel with side ports

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SO001 is a 3D printed channel with a microfluidic channel routed into a cylindrical helix in 3D space. It has 1 input and 1 output (1.1mm each) on the sides for top-down imaging, and a coiled channel running between the two IOs. Some applications of microfluidic helical channels are listed below.

Each of the dimensional specs of the design are based on a 7.6μm pixel pitch design The actual size of the features will be affected by exposure and print settings.


  • Mixing
  • Diffusion
  • Solenoids
Diameter Helix

380μm, 760 μm

Number Coils

25, 20, 15

Coil Pitch

114 μm, 137 μm

Channel Cross Section

38 x 40, 46 x 50

Resin - Ink - Material


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