Dorris - Acrea3D Print Job Generator


Version 1.0.3:

Dorris – Acrea3D Project Workspace (1.0.3)

  • Quick Fix for resin name at startup (Note Do not Rename the EA Series Printer or the PEG_I_A resin)
  • Fixed Error in layer slicing that didn’t permit for slice thickness adjustment
  • Fixed error in initial resin name causing failure when applying resin changes


Dorris – Acrea3D Workspace was created as a means to slice .STL files and then to create a print job by adding and manipulating layer settings with these slices. It features an easy to use graphics interface to simplify the process of printing on our EA Series Printer

The .PNG slicer in Dorris has been tailored to microfluidics and has been designed to minimize lost pixels in layer in microscale 3D printed features that is prevalent in many other slicers.

The Layers Workspace editor in Dorris facilitates customizing print jobs. It allows the user to easily access the settings of any layer in the print. It separates common adjustments from advanced settings to simplify the users task in changing anything from the light exposure on a layer to changing the motor pull off acceleration. As added customizability, the Layer Workspace Editor allows the user to add multiple exposure images into a given layer for advanced printer operation.

Dorris is meant as a replacement to our EA Print Job Generator and our PNG Slicer.

How to Install

1. Download Zip

2. Move Zip in to desired Documents folder (Permission will be denied if it is moved into the C Drive ex. the programs folder in the C drive)

3. Unpack Zip

4. Open dist/Dorris – Acrea3D Project Workspace/ folder

5. Right click on the Dorris – Acrea3D Project Workspace.exe and select pin to start

6. Double click on the Dorris – Acrea3D Project Workspace.exe to open software


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