EA Series Demo

This demonstration of our EA Series Printer shows how to start the printer, upload a print file, ready the printer for printing, and start the print job.

Starting the Printer

To start, turn on the printer hardware with the red switch on the right side. Then, on the touchscreen interface, click “Start Printer”. This will open a software interface to control most printer functions. Each time you start up the printer, it must be Initialized. On the touchscreen, click “Initialize” and “Confirm” to begin the process. This starts with the build stage moving in a homing sequence that allows for 0.25 µm repeatability for layer heights. Once this is completed, the light engine or projector inside of the printer also initializes to give us 7.6 µm pixel pitch.

Starting the printer via the touchscreen gui on the EA Series micro SLA printer
GUI Initialization step for the EA Series micro fabrication printer
Confirm Initialization step for the EA Series printer

Uploading the Print File

choose print file step EA Series Printer step

We are now ready to upload a print file. This is done by clicking “Create a Job” on the touchscreen. Next, click “Choose” and find the print file on the USB drive or on the printer itself. Once the file is selected, click “Upload”, and your file will appear in the queue to be printed.

Readying the Printer

When you are preparing for a print job, the build platform needs to be planarized. The build platform is used for the print to adhere to during the printing process. During printing, the platform will come down into the resin bath. It is exposed to UV light to print a pattern or layer. Then, the platform will come up and go back down to the next layer. It is very important for print adhesion the platform is planar to the build surface or the bottom of the resin tray. To make it planar, first attach the platform to the build arm using the knob on top of the build arm. While attached, the platform can still wobble side-to-side and move up and down. Click “Planarize” on the touchscreen to lower the platform into the resin back. Find the spot where the build platform is planar with the bottom of the resin tray. You may need to move it around slightly to find the correct position. Once planar, tighten the planarization screw lock the position of the platform. When the screw is snug, click “Finish Planarization” on the touchscreen.

installing the build platform for the EA Series lab-on-a-chip printer
Tightening the EA Series printer during planarization

Starting the Print

When you are ready to print, use the touchscreen to click on the uploaded job from the queue then “Start”. And we have started our first print.

Start step in the GUI software for the EA Series microfluidic printer

Finishing the Print

Here our print is finishing. As it lifts up at the end of the print cycle, we can take it off of the build platform here. I’m going to unscrew this, pull this off, I’m going to open up the IPA, and just dump him in. And that’s it.

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